EmpaticaVR is a TransTech company translating ancient and cutting-edge psychological and spiritual wisdom into experiential narrative VR experiences aimed towards human flourishing. 

Our experiences agitate the sense of self, transform the way we understand ourselves and each other, dissolve barriers and modalities of thought and inspire us to connect more deeply between one another.

We are encoding concepts from Positive and Differential Psychology, in combination with the emotional power of the cinematic narrative storytelling arts, to create the audiovisual transformative experience of wonder and awe that can only be massively spread through the power of VR, AI & Biometric Technologies.

We believe that the time has come to offer humanity an artistic technological solution that can massively spread experiential self-knowledge, help us reprogram our minds towards transcending our egos and offer us a personalized growth roadmap for developing more empathy, compassion, unity and love.

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